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Gut Health+ is a hypoallergenic, GMO free, easily digestible, raw, plant-based superfood! The gluten-free option for your horse. And these little seeds are 100% Australian grown and sown.

+ Research shows that fibre is excellent for a horses’ digestive system and is an effective remedy for gastrointestinal issues. Gut Health+ fibre is unique - rich in fibre, low in starch, antimicrobial, and is packed with bio-active digestive enzymes. These enzymes help break down food in the small intestine which are then converted into energy. Horses are hindgut-thriving, fibre-fermenters: when their hindguts are working well, they radiate health.  

+ Horses evolved primarily as grazing herbivores, eating a fibre plant-based diet, consisting of seasonal grasses, shrubs, trees and other foliage. Their digestive systems have developed to consume primarily fibre. This makes up 70% of a horse’s daily calorie requirement. Fibre (cellulose) is converted into energy through the pouches of their digestive system. Unfortunately, today’s typical horse feeds are mostly cultured grains and pellets, which are nutrient dense, high in fat, protein, gluten, sugar and starch. This low fibre/high grain feeding regimen can lead to gastrointestinal tract issues such as mucosal lesions, laminitis, haemorrhaging, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, scouring, colic, gastritis and hindgut acidosis. 

+ Hindgut acidosis is very prevalent amongst horses. It is when there are high levels of acidity in the horse’s hindgut, causing an imbalance in the ph levels and the growth of unhealthy bacteria. The low fibre fermenting bacteria are then depleted as they don’t thrive in high-acidic environments. If your horse’s hindgut is off, you can almost be certain that they will not be getting the most out of their nutrient intake, making them susceptible to health issues and loss of condition. They will certainly not be reaching their full potential.  

+ On the other hand, when a horse is eating a low sugar, low fat, high fibre diet, the fermenting bacteria will dominate the hindguts’ good bacterial population and provide for a lovely stable hindgut. The good news is that Gut Health + has been specifically formulated to address hindgut issues. The unique ferments of this fibre also provide enzymes and vital nutrients: vitamins and volatile fatty acids (VFA’s), to directly help the metabolism and immune responses against unwanted pathogens. Gut health has been a major revolution in nutritional science in recent years, and plays a vital role in the health of your horse.  Investing in your horse's gut is one of the best choices you will make as a horse owner. 

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