We are a 4th generational farming family, with property at Powlett Plains and along the Loddon River between Bridgewater & Serpentine. As an extension to our farming property we purchased Sandhurst Stockfeeds in January 2015.

It is extremely important to us to maintaining an honest, reliable & friendly service to our customers.

We specialise in a huge variety of nutritional feed, herbal & medical products and advice for all equine disciplines, cattle, sheep, alpaca, pig poultry, dog, cat, bird, rabbit & guinea pigs.
We are also very competitive on all types grains, have 5 different lines of chaff & stock a variety of Clover, Lucerne, Oaten, Rye, Rhodes & Teff grass hay, Bedding & Pea straw.


Helen Parry

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Anna Parry

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Dean Radtke

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Laura Byrnes-Smith

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Harry Burbury

Harry is a fresh member of the Sandhurst Stockfeeds team and is looking forward to working in an animal related industry, sharing his knowledge gained from growing up on a farm in Tassy and learning as much as he can about nutrition and feed for Cattle and Livestock. 

Harry spends a bit of time riding his motorbike off-road after hours and uses it to commute to work daily, mainly because he is still on his L plates but is looking forward to getting his full car licence shortly.

Harry also enjoys a weekend at the pub with his mates and is really starting to become a connoisseur of the amber arts and pub grub, so if you need a quick review of a pubs atmosphere and food or if you're looking for a new place to try out feel free to ask Harry when you're driving through next.

Haydon Gray

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