We are a 4th generational farming family, with property at Powlett Plains and along the Loddon River between Bridgewater & Serpentine. As an extension to our farming property we purchased Sandhurst Stockfeeds in January 2015.

It is extremely important to us to maintaining an honest, reliable & friendly service to our customers.

We specialise in a huge variety of nutritional feed, herbal & medical products and advice for all equine disciplines, cattle, sheep, alpaca, pig poultry, dog, cat, bird, rabbit & guinea pigs.
We are also very competitive on all types grains, have 5 different lines of chaff & stock a variety of Clover, Lucerne, Oaten, Rye, Rhodes & Teff grass hay, Bedding & Pea straw.



Mittens is Mittens, only try to pat her on one of her good days.

Helen Parry

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Anna Parry

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Dean Radtke

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Patt Quinn

Patt is one of the friendly new faces you will see as you drive through Sandhurst Stockfeeds, coming on recently to help out with service in the drive-through.

Having grown up with horses and a variety of different animals Patt has a good all-round knowledge when it comes to stock and equine, and is starting to specialise in treatment and nutrition when it comes to the equine industry.

Patt also has an allergy to cats, which Mittens finds highly amusing.

Samuel Greene

Sam is a new addition to the Sandhurst Stockfeeds team and is looking forward to working in the livestock and equine industry.

Sam spends a bit of time at the golf course after hours and on most weekends, when he isn't playing footy for Mt. Peasant. Sam also likes to get away for fishing trips and 4wd adventures.

Sam has a general knowledge of the equine industry but is always learning more, so if you have any info/ experience he could use or questions for him please don't hesitate to ask!  :)

Haydon Gray

Haydon is our delivery driver, don't be afraid to give him a wave if you see him out and about. 

Haydon and his partner Maddy also train and drive after hours and have excellent knowledge about helping track horses to achieve great results, having good success with Harness Racing, so if you catch him at the store and have any questions he's always up for a chat.




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