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Molasses is suitable for inclusion in the diets of all ruminant livestock and can offer a very cost effective way to increase the palatability of feeds whilst contributing good levels of energy and protein. Molasses can reduce the dusty powdery nature of some finely ground feeds. In this role, it makes a feed mixture more palatable and edible to livestock. Molasses can be added to replace missing sugar and trace minerals and help with fermentation in cases of low quality forages especially with low sugar levels. Treating Large Round Bales Dispersing molasses supplements throughout a big bale will considerably enhance the nutritional value and palatability of hay, straw, stalks and other cereal grains.  In general, molasses should be added to feed when it is essential to compensate for an excess of protein. Molasses has a high mineral content, but it usually lacks adequate calcium and phosphorus. These must be taken into account when Supplementation of Molasses in Livestock Feed 1245 preparing mixed feeds and they should be supplied by suitable supplements. 

The feeding of molasses takes various forms and proportions. When fed directly, the molasses is usually offered after it has been diluted with water. The diluted molasses should not be used for drinking purposes but only in combination with raw feed. It is best to pour or to sprinkle the molasses solution over the fodder in the manger or trough. The molasses sticks to the feed materials so that it cannot be picked out of the mixture by the animals. 

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