Hyg/Mtv Hay bag Feeder




The Team HYGAIN/MITAVITE Hay Bag is designed for durability and constructed of heavy duty polyester. This generously sized hay bag with a capacity of 2+ biscuits of hay, keeps hay loss to a minimum when at home or on the road.


  • Heavy duty rip-stop nylon constructed to last
  • Designed to reduce hay wastage
  • 15cm large feed hole for easy access and to slow down consumption
  • The bindings and seams are heavily reinforced for durability
  • The open-top structure allows for easy hay loading
  • The convenient top d-ring attachment allow this hay bag to be hung anywhere
  • Hold approximately 2+ biscuits of hay
  • Measurements: (w) 47cm x (h) 75cm X (d) 20cm

Designed to keep hay loss to a minimum and slow down those fast eaters.

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