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For centuries mugwort has been highly regarded as a medicinal herb in both the East and West. It is said that the Romans planted mugwort along roadsides and would line their shoes with it to prevent or ease tired, aching feet. It is related to the herb wormwood and resembles it in smell and taste.

Mugwort is a bitter digestive tonic and can be taken to improve appetite and digestive function. It also acts as a stimulant/regulator of menstruation. In addition, it is used as a nervine to balance the nervous system of very sensitive and reactive horses.

Mugwort is the primary ingredient in moxa sticks/cones used in moxibustion – the application of heat over acupunture points for therapeutic benefit.

ACTIONS include: bitter digestive tonic, nervine, menstrual regulator, uterine stimulant, antirheumatic, antiseptic.

CAUTION: Like all members of its genus mugwort is not to be used if pregnancy is suspected. It should also be avoided by nursing mothers as some of its constituents may be passed on through the milk

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