Mitavite Athlete Plus 20kg




Mitavite® Athlete Plus® is rich in scientifically balanced nutrients, trace minerals and electrolytes.  Athlete®'s high levels of Essential Amino Acids assists with the rapid replenishment of fuel stores and muscle repair after fast work or racing, reducing recovery time. When mixed with grains of your choice, the palatable muesli style formulation of Athlete Plus® provides a complete ration for your high performance equine athlete.


Unique Features of Mitavite Athlete Plus®

  •   Muesli style base concentrate, packed with essential nutrients and electrolytes.
  •   Mitavite’s exclusive amino acid profile to support athletic performance and recovery.
  •   Contains Bonafide®, Mitavite®’s exclusive Vitamin K supplement that supports bone density and soundness.

Choose Mitavite Athlete Plus® when

  • You want the option to adjust the grain ration for individual horses
  • You need a concentrate with all Essential Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes required for race horses
  • You want to use a feed that continues to be a proven performer at Group level
  • You are wanting to support bone density and good health with Bonafide®, Mitavite®’s exclusive Vitamin K supplement.
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