Fibregenix Lami LowCal 15kg




Fibregenix Lami Low-Cal for laminitis and weight management. Absolute ‘must-have’ addition to the diet for laminitis and weight management, other metabolic challenges, and good doers

Managing diets for laminitic or overweight horses or ponies is often a huge headache for owners.  However, neither category should be starved as this can lead to further issues eg ulcers, colic or mental stress.

Despite this, diet restrictions are often necessary meaning horses and ponies can be missing out on vital essential nutrients.  Ensuring the right levels of nutrients for overweight horses and ponies when on a restricted diet is tricky at the best of times. And even worse when there are metabolic problems involved.

Lami Low-Cal can play an integral part in the diet by bridging those nutritional gaps.  It’s specifically formulated to deliver low calorie, low protein, low starch/sugar, in a high fibre formulation.

Furthermore, the inclusion of digestive enhancer and gut health packages will assist in reducing acidosis.  Added benefits include assisting in stabilising the gut PH as well as improving forage digestion. Your horse or pony will get all the daily nutrients he needs to ensure he stays healthy.

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